Designing a Bicycle User Experience (BUX) envisions cities where cycling is an inclusive, accessible everyday form of transportation that fits seamlessly into people’s lives and benefits all.


We believe that to plan and design streets for widespread, inclusive everyday biking- for people of all ages, abilities and backgrounds- the conversation needs to shift towards studying everyday people and making bikeways that work for them.

What we do

BUX maintains an open toolkit of methods for human-centered bikeways and provides professional services to equip planning organizations with the tools to understand and design for everyday people's experiences while cycling. We help you to rethink bike planning: study people and fit the bicycle into their lives.

The BUX Network of independent practitioners bring specialized experience and perspectives on cycling experience across 4 continents.

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Trey Hahn

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Trey is founder of Designing a Bicycle User Experience (BUX). He brings an interdisciplinary approach and background including work as project manager for the localization of streetmix.net, building a team of bike couriers at a rapidly growing logistics startup, and community engagement and urban design work with a BID, city agency, and environmental justice nonprofit in New York City. Trey combines his design education from The New School in New York with a MSc. in planning from the University of Amsterdam. He also researches the human experience of cycling and an iterative, collaborative (agile) way of working in planning organizations at the Urban Cycling Institute


BUX Network

The BUX Network is an international network of independent practitioners around cycling experience. Members bring their own expertise and local experience, spanning disciplines and contexts. They are available for interviews and consulting, and each member can be contacted directly.

Chen Munn Tham

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Urban Planning

Chen Munn has been involved in safe cycling advocacy since 2005 as a co-founder of the Safe Cycling Task Force based in Singapore. As Singapore grew to accept cycling as a mode of transportation, Chen Munn worked on a few related projects such as the implementation of safe cycling signages, planning and design for Tampines and Ang Mo Kio towns for cycling and active mobility, as well as in preparing and implementing guidelines for safe cycling education. With more than 15 years of experience in this subject, he currently advises on bicycle infrastructure designs on a freelance basis, with emphasis on inclusive road safety for all users. 

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Lauren Rushing

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Lauren is a transportation planner who has dedicated her career to legitimizing the use of active modes for transportation in urban areas – with a focus on cycling. Lauren spent three years working in the Netherlands, learning the Dutch approach to mobility, and contributing to strategic planning projects. She is the founder of Right2Bike - a platform for knowledge sharing of cycling infrastructure, policy, and culture. She currently works at the NJ Bike & Walk Coalition, where she advocates for policies and projects that will improve conditions for walkers and cyclists throughout the state. You can reach her at lauren@right2bike.com.

Urban Mobility Planner & Bicycle Advocate


Calliope Georgousi

User Research

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Calliope is a UX Researcher and Designer with a background in Technology and Arts. Throughout the past seven years, she has practised more than 16 research methods, facilitated workshops and designed prototypes for a variety of industries. Calliope has published, presented, travelled the world throughout her work, and today she works as a freelancer. Calliope rides long-distance self-supported events and is interested in introducing a user-centric approach and the use of novel sustainable technologies when designing cycling infrastructure and services.

Hristina Bojkova

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Hristina is a people developer by profession and a learning experience designer by passion. She currently leads the Learning & Development function for Europe, Middle East and Africa in Steelcase, after joining Steelcase with the vision to shape learning culture for the Steelcase Learning and Innovation center that was launched as a global company hub in Munich in 2017. A versatile and energetic Learning and Innovation leader, she has a unique perspective on working at the intersection of corporate and education, with a special focus on using learning as a tool to infuse a culture of continuous innovation and a user centered mindset.

Learning and People

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George Liu

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Research and Teaching

George Liu is a PhD researcher studying how ideas from urban design can guide the creation of attractive environments that encourages cycling as a practical and desirable mode of daily transport. His foray into the user experience field started with his research into human factors in driving, with the realization that many techniques can be applied to the cycling environment as well. He studies how the emerging concept of "cycle highways" is conceptualized by practitioners, academics, and people cycling in Northern European countries. George is cross-appointed at Eindhoven University of Technology and University of Amsterdam as part of the Smart Cycling Futures project.

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Jacqui Hicks

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Dr Jacqueline Hicks has previously researched urban travel behaviour using systems thinking to find leverage points which could help improve modal shift strategies and work towards more sustainable and inclusive cities. This led to a focus on the transport users and their experiences during their travel, which became the main theme of her documentary film “A way we go”. In recent years she has taken a particular interest in the experiences of family life in relation to transport and is looking to apply herself through both research and practical initiatives to find ways to make sustainable transport options a straightforward and desirable way for families to travel.

Social Psychology


The idea for BUX arose in 2016, when founder Trey was inspired by a usability class at The New School. Why shouldn't bikeways be designed with people in mind just as much as the user experience profession does for an app or website? At the end of 2019, BUX was registered as a company in the Netherlands. We are based in Amsterdam, with KvK/Chamber of Commerce number 76825957.

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