Bicycle User Experience (BUX) envisions cities where cycling is an inclusive, accessible everyday form of transportation that fits seamlessly into people’s lives and benefits all.


We believe that to plan and design streets for widespread, inclusive everyday biking- for people of all ages, abilities and backgrounds- the conversation needs to shift towards studying everyday people and making bikeways that work for them.

What we do

BUX provides learning opportunities on cycling experience and people-centered design, maintains an open toolkit of methods for human-centered bikeways, and offers professional services to equip planning organizations with the tools to understand and design for everyday people's experiences while cycling. We help you to rethink bike planning: study people and fit the bicycle into their lives.

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Trey Hahn

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Trey helps professionals and organizations think about end users of the street and how to incorporate people's experiences into the planning and design process. His interdisciplinary background includes work as a project manager for the localization of streetmix.net, and operations and urban design work with a startup, BID, city agency, and environmental justice nonprofit in New York City. Next to BUX, he also does research and coordinates online courses with the Urban Cycling Institute.



Our collaborators work with BUX on specific projects.


Mahtab BaghaiePoor

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Multiple Projects

Mahtab is an urban designer (MSc) and planner focused on Active Transportation. She believes promoting walking and cycling is the missing piece in today's transportation and urban planning and designing with a people-centered approach is her passion. Currently, she is probing about how new technologies may affect active travel in the future and she speaks about her favorite topics in urban planning in her Twitter account.

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Hristina Bojkova

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BUX Network

Hristina is a people developer by profession and a learning experience designer by passion. She is currently a Social Innovation Manager at Steelcase. A versatile and energetic Learning and Innovation leader, she has a unique perspective on working at the intersection of corporate and education, with a special focus on using learning as a tool to infuse a culture of continuous innovation and a user centered mindset.

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Valeria Leyva-Reyes

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BUX Methods

Valeria Leyva Reyes (MSc) is an Architect and Urban Planner. She holds a master’s degree in Urban Management and Development and a specialization in Sustainability and Climate Change from the Institute for Housing and Urban Development Studies. She is an independent consultant and founded Leyva Reyes-Social & Urban Design where she focuses on participatory urban projects and inclusive urban design.

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George Liu

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BUX Courses

George Liu is a PhD researcher studying how ideas from urban design can guide the creation of attractive environments that encourages cycling as a practical and desirable mode of daily transport. He studies the emerging concept of "cycle highways" in Northern European countries. George is cross-appointed at Eindhoven University of Technology and University of Amsterdam as part of the Smart Cycling Futures project.


Mariana Batista

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Bicycle Infra Manuals

Mariana is a doctoral candidate studying road users’ behaviour in different types of shared space schemes. After pursuing her master’s degree in Infrastructure and Environmental Engineering, she became interested in active mobility and evidence-based (urban) design. She is now determined to use spatial behaviour and movement analysis to plan, adapt, and design cycling infrastructure.


Alexander Karczewski

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Alexander (MSc) is fascinated with how individuals move within urban regions, he examines how a shift towards more bicycles can alleviate traffic congestion and create numerous benefits for society. Alexander focuses on how bicycle infrastructure and its design can be constructed for citizens in order to offer their dependence on the automobile.


Sreten Jevremović

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Bicycle Infra Manuals

Sreten Jevremović (MSc) is an Engineer and Traffic Designer. Currently he is pursuing his PhD with the focus on sustainable urban mobility in the role of new modes of transport. He is a traffic enthusiast who helps people focus on smart development and a sustainable environment.


BUX Network

The BUX Network is a group of professionals of diverse backgrounds looking to make biking a better experience in their home cities. Every 6 weeks, they have design sprints to ideate solutions for one specific case city, and write about this on the BUX Blog. BUX hosts this group with collaborators. Current members are represented in the adjacent map.


Interested in joining? Read more here and send us an email with:

  1. Why you think cycling experience and the human perspective are important.

  2. How your work connects to this.

  3. A bit about yourself.


The idea for BUX arose in 2016, when founder Trey was inspired by a usability class at The New School. Why shouldn't bikeways be designed with people in mind just as much as the user experience profession does for an app or website? At the end of 2019, BUX was registered as a company in Amsterdam, with Dutch KvK/Chamber of Commerce number 76825957.

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