Designing a Bicycle User Experience (BUX) envisions cities where cycling is an inclusive, accessible everyday form of transportation that fits seamlessly into people’s lives and benefits all.


We believe that to plan and design streets for widespread, inclusive everyday biking- for people of all ages, abilities and backgrounds- the conversation needs to shift towards studying everyday people and making bikeways that work for them.

What we do

BUX maintains an open toolkit of methods for human-centered bikeways and provides professional services to organizations looking to make cycling an inclusive practice with seamless experiences.

Our professional services equip planning organizations with the tools to understand and design for everyday people's experiences while cycling. We help you to rethink bike planning: study people and fit the bicycle into their lives.


Trey Hahn

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Trey is founder of Designing a Bicycle User Experience (BUX). He brings an interdisciplinary approach and background including work as project manager for the localization of streetmix.net, building a team of bike couriers at a rapidly growing logistics startup, and community engagement and urban design work with a BID, city agency, and environmental justice nonprofit in New York City. Trey combines his design education from The New School in New York with a MSc. in planning from the University of Amsterdam. He is also a researcher at the Urban Cycling Institute and is currently publishing research on cycling experience and how planning organizations can adopt more iterative ways of working.



Inspired by the potential of cycling to improve people's lives and address contemporary societal challenges, but less so by the infrastructure people are asked to ride on (until coming to the Netherlands, of course), Trey had an idea during a design course at The New School. Bikeways should be designed with people in mind just as much as user experience designers do for an app or website. Thus, the idea was born in a bachelor thesis. Fast forward a few years, and there is now a company!

Ready to start a conversation? Click the contact button. We are based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands (KvK/Chamber of Commerce number 76825957).