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WHAT: Examination of an interface (the street) to judge its compliance with recognized usability principles (the “heuristics").

WHY: Tangibly evaluate how usable a street is for everyday people riding a bike and learn about strong and weak points of a street’s usability.

END GOAL: Build a common language for citizens and planners around cycling experience. Move away from planning jargon and towards people’s feelings and experiences.

HeuristicEval Bike Principles List.png

Examples of Principles

HE Biking Principles-1.jpg
HE Biking Principles-2.jpg
HE Biking Principles-3.jpg
HE Example-1.jpg

Heuristic Evaluation Example

5th Avenue Heuristic Evaluation Video

HE Example-2.png
HE Example-4.png
HE Example-5.png
HE Example-6.png
HE Example-3.png
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