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*Before proceeding, please read below to see how we've set up the registration process to deal with uncertainty around COVID-19.

Coronavirus situation:

There is uncertainty around travel because of COVID-19. It appears to be safe (while taking necessary precautions) as of mid-July to have a small group masterclass (10-15 people) in Amsterdam, however it is still unclear how travel will be affected. In the case that the virus situation gets worse, we have a backup plan!


How we’ve decided to deal with this:

1. Start with our online course Methods for a People-Centered Design Process, which curates a selection of our open methods. The course both stands alone and complements the masterclass. It ensures you can learn regardless of the COVID-19 situation, and we will apply your course payment as a discount to the masterclass fee. To get the discount and reserve a spot, forward us your payment confirmation for the online course via email and indicate for how many people you would like to make a reservation.

2. In mid-September, we will decide if it is feasible for the masterclass to go ahead and send an invoice to those that have made a reservation. If unforeseen circumstances arise after payment, it is fully refundable.

3. Travel plans are at your own discretion. It currently appears that coming to Amsterdam will not be a problem from within Europe, while for other countries it is not yet clear. We leave the decision to you on when you want to book travel and accommodation. The possibility of coordinating accommodation to stay near other attendees will be explored if participants express interest. Additionally, we are unfortunately unable to sponsor visas.

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