• Trey Hahn

Evaluative Research Method

In addition to the 4 methods that served as the base for the Bicycle User Experience concept, this blog will be translating more human centered design methods to the context of street design for everyday biking. These blog posts are initial explorations.

The ninth new method we'll explore is Evaluative Research.

What: Testing of street design prototypes by everyday people in approximate conditions of real world use.

Why: Evaluate street designs based on people’s actual performance and preferences in early design stages before expensive implementation.

End Goal: Have an iterative street design process that is responsive to people’s practical needs and preferences and is field tested.

(Translated to the context of street design for everyday biking from traditional method: Evaluative Research.)

What are your thoughts? How do you think this method could be used in practice, and by whom (planners, advocacy groups, elected officials)?


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