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Street Space Utilization Inventory Method

Updated: Jul 24, 2023

In addition to the 4 methods that served as the base for the Bicycle User Experience concept, this blog will be translating more human centered design methods to the context of street design for everyday biking. These blog posts are initial explorations.

The fourteenth new method we'll explore is Street Space Utilization Inventory.

Hypothetical inventory visual inspired by Copenhagenize's Arrogance of Space

Preface: The allocation of street space is a contested and complex topic. We recommend reading this paper by Samuel Nello-Deakin (2019) that shows how oversimplifying the subject is problematic. Before the publication of the above paper, Copenhagenize Design Co. pioneered a method titled The Arrogance of Space to visualize an unbalanced distribution of space that was in favor of cars. Author Mikael Colville-Andersen (2013) used it to point out that space is "readily available" to use for cycling. While we recognize the complexities that Nello-Deakin (2019) points out and we agree that street space allocation alone does not lead to a pleasant cycling environment, Colville-Andersen's visuals reveal high proportions of space dedicated to motor vehicles in a clear way. His method is also quick to learn. We include it in this series as an example of a method that inventories the "UI" of the cyclist (the street) in one dimension (spatial allocation).

What: Visualization and calculation of the allocation of space to different uses on a street.

Why: Assess how space is allocated on a street and develop easily understandable visuals and numbers to communicate this and inform future street designs.

End Goal: Street space is allocated to best serve the intended users and purpose of the street.

(This method was also inspired by the traditional design method of Content Inventory.)


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