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The central component of designing a bicycle user experience is applying usability and user experience design to the street to design for widespread, inclusive everyday biking that is integrated into people's lives (people of all ages, abilities and backgrounds).


To make this translation, key concepts from usability and user experience must first be grasped.

Everyday people
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With this translated framework of usability and user experience design in mind, the bicycle user experience is a very interdisciplinary concept that is not attached to one field. Instead, it is based on a simple idea: to have bikeways that work for everyday people, we need to learn about those people. Different disciplines each offer a unique lens for exploring that idea.

Thus, in the original thesis where this concept began, six main experts (pieces of academic literature) were brought to a conceptual dinner table to explore the topic from difference perspectives. A detailed analysis of these six perspectives served as the theoretical base of the concept. They were analyzed with regards to the following research question:

How might we design for how everyday people feel while riding a bike?

Everyday person cycling

Method Translation Processes

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