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Directors in a stakeholder organization (manage professionals)
Industry or business sustainability advocates

Professionals with a personal budget: (2)
Traffic/Civil Engineer
Urban Planner/Designer
Non profit workers / Employed bicycle advocates
Employed Researchers
Thought leaders (e.g. ITDP)

Interested people (will learn to learn or to network): (3)
User experience or design professionals
Urban Mobility Students
Nonpaid cycling activists (often have another day job)
People looking to work in cycling field


  • The full BUX experience: we equip you with what you need to make cycling possible for diverse user groups in your context.

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4 full Saturdays

🗓️ Waitlist available

🌍 Online live sessions

🤝 €1600 + VAT

What value will you get?


A four-day intensive training where you will learn the essentials of the user’s perspective and how to make cycling possible in your context for diverse groups of people.

What does BUX teach, that you don’t get elsewhere?


BUX Space Map.png

*Context: Trip purpose (’why’ of the person) and the Cycling environment (’where’ - beyond the infra)

We see 4 elements of someone’s mobility experience: the infrastructure (red), mode of transport (green), the context of the journey (yellow), and individual person (blue). Most trainings focus heavily on infrastructure standards. We recognize this is needed - and we have gathered global standards into a database here- but we believe this alone is insufficient.


BUX goes deep into the individual person’s user journey: how and why is cycling possible for this person, and what are their touch points along the way? This includes a thorough examination of the context of the trip, including trip goals and the qualitative part of the environment that people experience while cycling.

Who is this for?


This Masterclass is best for people...

Ready to transform your own approach to cycling, and your city? This intensive training is practical and geared towards those that want to make change. You will gain the competences, tools, and network to do something special in your own city afterwards.
And we really want you to!


Interested and exploring the idea of a city from the perspective of the bicycle, and want a deep dive through a human-centered framework? This training sets you up with an international network, practical tools, and competences in skills of the future. Who knows, maybe after the training you will be transformed too? 😉


We're different from other "Masterclasses"

We’re not just going to tell you how one of the well-known cycling countries such as the Netherlands or Denmark have made cycling work in their context. We’re going to equip you to understand your own case and then make cycling work there. You will think deeply through user journeys and about people’s needs. At the end you will have a roadmap for action- and we will challenge you with this!

How does it work?



  • Note: the masterclass is currently on hold. When we resume, we will update this webpage. To be added to the waitlist, sign up via the form below. (Payments carry over to future session of your choice, or are eligible for a full refund.)

  • We will have online workshops, interactive activities, guest lectures, and networking. The masterclass will occur online, on Saturdays over the course of 4 weekends.

  • You will progress through the following roadmap:

    • Who are the target users (vision/why)? ➡️ How do we do this (UX design and methods)? ➡️ Practice cases ➡️ Your case

  • Exact times will be planned beforehand based on the timezones of the participants. You should expect a full 8 hours​, which may begin earlier in the morning or end later in the evening than a typical day.

  • We utilize the break between each weekend in the online version to give you (short) thinking exercises. Expect also options for engagement before and after the masterclass.



  • You can sign up by completing the form below, and then paying the 25% deposit via the link that appears after completion of the form to reserve your spot with us.

  • You are then in the system and will receive all the onboarding information from us. This includes recommended preparatory work, resources and the full schedule. 📚 The remainder of the enrollment fee will be charged automatically to the same payment method 1 month before the start of the training.

  • Group size: There is a minimum of 10 participants and a maximum of 15. In the case that there are insufficient signups to run the cohort, participants will be notified and given the option of a future cohort or a full refund.


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Still have questions?

Have a conversation with us before enrolling.

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