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Bicycling for Everyone

Updated: Jul 4, 2023

Understanding the user experience of riding a bicycle is a tool to make Cycling for Everyone. Making cycling possible for everyone means diving deep into a variety of people's experiences to see how to meet their needs. The end goal: a cross-cutting group of people cycle satisfied in your city and reap the benefits that everyday biking can provide. These people vary in age, ability, motivation, preferences, culture, and economic status. In short, cycling is accessible to (virtually) everyone.

This is a high-level goal, with many steps needed over time to reach it. We believe approaching it with user-centered perspective sets you on a clear path with a practice-based track, and that it equips you with the mindset to work towards your own version of the goal in your own context.

While cycling for everyone exists to different extents in several places across the world, the Netherlands is a place that probably comes closest to resembling it in practice. So, we share snapshots of what the practice of riding a bike there looks like. With the intention of serving as a sampler for you to begin to visualize what cycling for everyone might look like. And then, to think about what it could be like in your context.

The photo collages below show many different types of everyday people riding bikes for different types of trips and with different riding styles and preferences.

Want to explore the user experience of cycling in your city and work towards cycling for everyone? Check out what we offer to help you make the transformation. Want to learn more about how? Enroll in one of our online or in-person courses.




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