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Methods course rename: "User Experience for Inclusive Cycling in Cities"

Updated: Jun 1, 2022

The online course Methods for a People-Centered Design Process has taught user-centered design methods in the cycling context to people in over 30 countries. These students are now empowered to create and advocate for more accessible bikeways in their contexts.

But, based on feedback we have received, the name of the course was difficult to understand for a broader audience outside of the current niche it reaches. Thus, we have renamed the course to User Experience for Inclusive Cycling in Cities.

We hope this will both allow the course to reach a broader audience and make it easier for students and alumni to communicate what they have learned.

Nothing has changed with regards to course content, and we answer FAQ's students and alumni may have below.

User Experience for Inclusive Cycling in Cities

Student FAQ

Does my course progress change?

No. Only the course name and URLs on the platform have changed. Your progress remains saved.

Do I need to redo any course content?

No, the course content has not changed.

Has my login for the course changed?

No, and the course remains on the Urban Mobility Courses platform.

Can I still access my certificate?

Yes. If you previously purchased a certificate and completed the course, you can still access it. When you log back in and download the certificate now, it will give you a certificate with the updated course name.

For any further questions, email and reference the course's new name in the subject.


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