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'Methods for a People-Centered Design Process' now a free course with EIT Urban Mobility partnership

Updated: Jun 1, 2022

We have exciting news to share as the year comes to an end. Our online course Methods for a People-Centered Design Process is now free as an EIT Urban Mobility course!

There is a growing discussion on seeing cycling through a social and more people-centered lens as an alternative to traffic engineering. This online course introduces you to people-centered design fields and equips you with an alternative toolkit to put people at the center of the design process. We take you through methods from our open toolkit such as user experience mapping, directed storytelling, and heuristic evaluation that can help you enhance the planning process and evaluate and iterate cycling infrastructure in a people-centered way.

We hope you enjoy the course, and are excited to partner with EIT Urban Mobility to bring it to you! You can sign up here:

For those interested, we also have additional courses coming online in 2021. You can check those out here:


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