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Open access academic papers on cycling experience - Part 2

Updated: Sep 21, 2023

This is part 2 of a list of open articles on cycling experience. See part 1 here.

Senses and cycling

Jones, P. (2005). Performing the city: A body and a bicycle take on Birmingham, UK. Social and Cultural Geography, 6(6), 813–830.

Jungnickel, K., & Aldred, R. (2014). Cycling’s Sensory Strategies: How Cyclists Mediate their Exposure to the Urban Environment. Mobilities, 9(2), 238–255.

Lee, D. J. (2016). Embodied bicycle commuters in a car world. Social and Cultural Geography, 17(3), 401–422.

Cook, M., & Edensor, T. (2017). Cycling through Dark Space: Apprehending Landscape Otherwise. Mobilities, 12(1), 1–19.


Snizek, B., Sick Nielsen, T. A., & Skov-Petersen, H. (2013). Mapping bicyclists’ experiences in Copenhagen. Journal of Transport Geography, 30, 227–233.

McIlroy, R. C., Plant, K. L., & Stanton, N. A. (2021). Thinking aloud on the road: Thematic differences in the experiences of drivers, cyclists, and motorcyclists. Transportation Research Part F: Traffic Psychology and Behaviour, 83(July), 192–209.

Mobile and biographical methods:

Den Hoed, W., & Jarvis, H. (2021). Normalising cycling mobilities: an age-friendly approach to cycling in the Netherlands. Applied Mobilities, 1–21.

Ethnographic fieldwork (riding with groups of people cycling):

Aldred, R., & Jungnickel, K. (2012). Constructing Mobile Places between “Leisure” and “Transport”: A Case Study of Two Group Cycle Rides. Sociology, 46(3), 523–539.


Lugo, A. E. (2012). Planning for Diverse Use/rs: Ethnographic Research on Bikes, Bodies, and Public Space in LA. Kroeber Anthropological Society, 1(101), 49–65.

Paper collage. Image credit clockwise from top left: Aldred & Jungnickel (2012) - publisher, Lee (2016, p. 414), Lugo (2012), Matthew Tinoco, Den Hoed & Jarvis (2021) - publisher, Jones (2005, p. 818)

More papers

We could not find an open access version of these papers*:

Cox, P. (2017). Senses Matter: A Sensory Ethnography of Urban Cycling. In M. Freudendal-Pedersen, K. Hartmann-Petersen, & E. L. P. Fjalland (Eds.), Experiencing Networked Urban Mobilities: Practices, Flows, Methods (pp. 101–105). London, United Kingdom: Routledge.

Open access version | Publisher's version

Larsen, J. (2014). (Auto)Ethnography and cycling. International Journal of Social Research Methodology, 17(1), 59–71.

Open access version | Publisher's version

McIlvenny, P. (2015). The Joy of Biking Together: Sharing Everyday Experiences of Vélomobility. Mobilities, 10(1), 55–82.

Open access version | Publisher's version

Popan, C. (2020). Beyond utilitarian mobilities: cycling senses and the subversion of the car system. Applied Mobilities, 5(3), 289–305.

Open access version | Publisher's version

*If you can locate an open version of these articles, let us know and we will update it here.




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