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Think Aloud Protocol

Updated: Jul 4, 2023

In addition to the 4 methods that served as the base for the Bicycle User Experience concept, this blog will be translating more human centered design methods to the context of street design for everyday biking. These blog posts are initial explorations.

The first method we'll explore is Think Aloud Protocol.

What: Bike ride where an everyday person speaks his/her thoughts and emotions aloud while a researcher accompanies and records the person.

Why: Capture primary, on-the-ground reactions of everyday people trying to ride a bike on a street.

End Goal: Shine light on the good and bad parts of an everyday person’s experience riding a bike on a route. Discover which specific parts of a route elicit positive or negative experiences, and use this insight to iterate the street design.

(Translated to the context of street design for everyday biking from traditional design method: Think Aloud Protocol.)


  1. This initial translation has been added as a full method with additional detail to the BUX Methods Toolkit. You can access it and the other methods in the toolkit here.

  2. An earlier version of the method was called Think Aloud - Ride Along. We explain the name change here.


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