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Think Aloud - Ride Along now Think Aloud Protocol

Updated: Jun 1, 2022

Earlier this year, we released the Think Aloud - Ride Along method as an open resource. The idea was to get people's thoughts and reactions directly in the context of the street, by reproducing a sort of the original usability method of Think Aloud Protocol for the cycling context. Given the nature of cycling being on the move, and also in an attempt to remove jargon from the method name, we called the method "Think Aloud - Ride Along".

After feedback and reflection, and considering a few name variations, we've decided that Think Aloud Protocol is actually the best name to represent the method and its procedure. As the researcher, you ride behind the participant and the focus is on getting the participant to speak their thoughts aloud. Furthermore, there is distinct work on mobile video ethnography and "ride along" interviews in cycling, such as that by Justin Spinney.

We admire that work and perhaps an emulation of it may be coming as a separate method to the open toolkit later. 😄 For now though, try out the cycling version of Think Aloud Protocol in your context!


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