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Directors in a stakeholder organization (manage professionals)
Industry or business sustainability advocates

Professionals with a personal budget: (2)
Traffic/Civil Engineer
Urban Planner/Designer
Non profit workers / Employed bicycle advocates
Employed Researchers
Thought leaders (e.g. ITDP)

Interested people (will learn to learn or to network): (3)
User experience or design professionals
Urban Mobility Students
Nonpaid cycling activists (often have another day job)
People looking to work in cycling field


  • A collaborative learning track where you develop an action plan to make mobility inclusive.

  • Make urban mobility work for forgotten user groups that need it the most.

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4 sessions across 2 months

🗓️ Waitlist for 2024 available

🌍 Online Live Sessions

🤝 €289 + VAT

What value will you get?


Learn what was not taught in university: the experience of the end user.

You will be part of an international group who will select and work on a selected real target case. During the live sessions, you will go through exercises and receive instructor guidance (as a group as well as 1 on 1).

You maximize your learning from our free online courses with:

  • Expert guidance through applying a user-centered approach to make mobility inclusive for a target group in a practical case.

  • Collaboration with a peer network of professionals learning and applying these UX-based approaches together.

  • 1 on 1 time with the instructor to address challenge areas and ask specific questions.

Who is this for?


Are you...


Working actively towards inclusion in urban mobility for a specific user group in your practice, advocacy, or research (e.g. families, older adults, etc.)? This learning track takes you from intent to action and will empower you to articulate the needs of this group and identify what is needed to make an impact.

Looking to apply a user-centered workflow to practical projects? As a learner in this course, you will choose a target user group, mobility mode, and context in assigned small groups. Together, you will then move through a workflow utilizing UX methods.

Building your own global network of colleagues working towards people-centered, inclusive cities? You will meet and collaborate with people from diverse backgrounds and places, and gain experience working with others in the context of user-centered planning for inclusion.

A note...


Many of our enrollees come to our courses because of a particular case for a chosen user group and mode of mobility that they would like to work on already in their mind. In this course you'll collaboratively choose the case as a group, and get our feedback for ideation to get the most out of the learning track.

How does it work?


The foundation for the learning track is our 2 free online courses delivered with EIT Urban Mobility (note: check out their Urban Mobility Courses platform!). This learning track builds on them in a blended learning and project-based format.



  • We recommend looking at the two free online courses (one is a short course and the other a full-length course).

  • We provide recommendations on which modules to do as preparation for which session

  • If you’ve already taken these courses, you are ready to go! 😄




We host 4 sessions (all live online 💻), with time for self-study and group work in-between.

  • Session 1: Welcome and peer networking session

  • Session 2: Project Workshop 1, with small group activities and one-on-one support

  • Session 3: Project Workshop 2

  • Session 4: Presentations and Feedback​



You can sign up by completing the form below, and paying the enrollment fee via the link that appears after completion of the form.

You are then in the system and will shortly thereafter receive all onboarding information from us. 📚 🚀

Group size: There is a minimum of 6 participants and a maximum of 15 in this learning track. In the case that there are insufficient signups to run the cohort, participants will be notified and given the option of a future cohort or a full refund.

Note: This course is currently on hold. To be added to the waitlist, sign up via the form below. (Payments carry over to future session of your choice.)


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