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Transform your approach: from planning for traffic, to planning for human mobility. BUX gives you practical tools to incorporate human experiences into urban mobility.

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Enable cycling by understanding people and their diverse mobility needs. Our applied framework helps you take action immediately in your local context.

Explore our different learning paths.

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Develop your team’s capacity.

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What is BUX about?

Dip your feet in some key concepts.

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  • ​People centered spaces are in demand today.
    But what steps do you take to create these?

  • Urban planners and designers are taught about inclusive cities - cities for people. But they are often not given the practical tools to make this possible.

  • That is why BUX exists! We give practical tools and process to make people-centered places a reality. We help professionals identify and learn what it takes to make mobility inclusive for different groups.

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Hone and align your visioning, communication and citizen engagement capacities.

  • We empower you with a process for uncovering the best choices for cycling infrastructure in your own context.

  • Our methods will get you thinking deeper about everyday people and how cycling 🚲 can fit into their lives.

  • We help you understand the 'why' of cycling infrastructure; the mechanics behind why some of it works while others will not be used.

  • Enroll in our courses to learn how to make streets for people of all ages, abilities and backgrounds.

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Equip yourself with replicable, versatile methods applicable across contexts.


The BUX approach is about aligning bicycle infrastructure with people's needs.

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  • We teach planners & engineers what was not taught in university: the experience of the user.​

  • We believe mobility experiences are comprised of 4 elements: the individual person (blue), the context of the journey (yellow), the specific mode of transport (green), and infrastructure (red).

  • BUX goes deep into the individual person’s user journey: how and why is cycling possible for this person, and what are their touch points along the way?

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