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Directors in a stakeholder organization (manage professionals)
Industry or business sustainability advocates

Professionals with a personal budget: (2)
Traffic/Civil Engineer
Urban Planner/Designer
Non profit workers / Employed bicycle advocates
Employed Researchers
Thought leaders (e.g. ITDP)

Interested people (will learn to learn or to network): (3)
User experience or design professionals
Urban Mobility Students
Nonpaid cycling activists (often have another day job)
People looking to work in cycling field


  • A first-step for working towards transformation in your own city

  • Experience how one of the world’s leading cycling cities is approaching cycling

  • Resources and avenues for continued learning afterwards

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2-2.5 hours in groups of 10 max

🗓️ Weekends throughout year

📍 Amsterdam

🤝 €50 per person + VAT

What value will you get?


Come and see for yourself how one of the world’s leading cycling cities is approaching cycling and mobility: through experimentation, user-centered design, and a focus on the cycling experience.

This two hour excursion brings you to key innovation sites in the central core of Amsterdam, starting at the Nieuwmarkt square in the city center, and ending at the Rijksmuseum. We curate stops at select sites that are representative of broader trends taking place in the city. We discuss changing directions of how the city views cyclists and the street, we show you best practices and- most importantly 😉 – we promise to challenge your preconceptions of how to plan for a cycling city.

You will meet internationally-oriented cycling experts and ride along through key local cases that reflect broader trends occurring in Amsterdam. The excursions are delivered together with the Urban Cycling Institute. Afterwards, you will become part of both of our larger networks, rich with resources and avenues for next steps after your visit.

Who is this for?


This is an entry point to those wanting to experience what a city is like where cycling is possible for a wide variety of use cases and diverse types of people. You are curious what this means and are reflecting on how it could happen in your city. Perhaps action in your own city will come later, or perhaps you are already taking steps. There are no restrictions by role or profession. You will get the most out of it if you are ready to challenge your preconceptions, and see that even Amsterdam is still learning.

Learning Goals


  • Identify emerging best practices of cycling infrastructure in Amsterdam

  • Understand the choice of different innovations in varying street contexts

  • Compare and contrast different cycling infrastructure from the lens of the user’s experience

How does it work?



The study excursions take place from 15:00-17:00 on select Saturdays*. The cost is €50 per person, plus VAT (21%). There are 10 open spots per excursion. Participants need to arrange their own bicycle to take part. We can recommend We Bike Amsterdam Rentals at Spuistraat 30, the price for a handbrake bike is €11 for 3 hour rental and €16 for 24 hours rental. 10% of discount is applicable, just mention us!

Upcoming dates: 

*Note: Study excursions are currently on hold. Once we resume, we will update this webpage.


​​Each study excursion will be led by one of our expert guides. They are delivered as a collaboration between the Urban Cycling Institute and Bicycle User Experience.

Trey Hahn

Trey is an urban mobility researcher and educator. He is the founder of BUX, where he specializes in user-centered design and cycling experience. At the Urban Cycling Institute, his research focuses on diversity within cycling and an iterative, collaborative (agile) way of working in planning organizations. He co-organizes the institute's online courses, including the industry standard Unraveling the Cycling City.

Ana Castan

Ana is a cycling entrepreneur and collaborator with BUX. She has run tours showing visitors Amsterdam by bicycle for 6 years, specializing in a Spanish-speaking audience. She is an alumna of and mentor in Urban Cycling Institute's Unraveling the Cycling City online course. Fun fact: one of her most recent projects brought 700 abandoned bikes from The Netherlands to Spain in 2021!

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Our group has over 10 people. Can we participate?

  • Large groups (over 10) may be able to be split into 2 groups, with one expert guide per group. This is dependent on the availability of the guides, and must be arranged in advance.

Can we join a study excursion on another day?

  • Excursions outside of our scheduled dates may be possible for groups of 7 or more people, upon request and depending on expert guide availability. You can request these via this form. If requesting on short notice, please send us a WhatsApp message too.

If it is raining during the scheduled excursion time, what happens?

  • We generally continue with the excursions, with the following things to note:

  1. Rain here is often on and off, or only a drizzle, conditions that do not prevent a study visit. If it reaches the point where we feel it is necessary to cancel, we will notify you.

  2. The infrastructure we ride on during the study visit is safe to use in the rain.

  3. However, if you don’t feel safe and prefer not to join, we can offer a full refund.

Do I need to be “fit” to join the study excursion?

  • We follow a slow pace. We recommend you have ridden a bike before, but you do not need to “train” for this visit.

Is it mandatory to wear a helmet during the excursion?

  • Helmets are not mandatory, you may arrange one for yourself where you rent the bicycle (We Bike Amsterdam Rentals at Spuistraat 30 does have them available).

Can you customize a study excursion for me?

  • Customizations for organizations are possible at our hourly rate, plus any incurred costs for the customized program. Please fill in this form and note your group’s custom requirements, and we will get back to you with a quote within 5 working days.

Where can I enter my company name and VAT # to appear on an invoice?

  • For organizational billing, after you have registered and paid, kindly send us an email with the name on your registration, and we will include it on the invoice. We issue invoices shortly after the excursion date.

Still have questions?

Send us an email and we'll help you out :)

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